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 Kekaru Sinishi (Redone)

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PostSubject: Kekaru Sinishi (Redone)   Kekaru Sinishi (Redone) EmptySat Jul 25, 2009 7:49 am

Name:Kekaru Sinishi
Height:5 foot

Appearance May use picture:

Kekaru Sinishi (Redone) SnowDance

Physical description: (Eye colour, hair colour, etc.)
icy blue eyes
pink hair
tanned skin
Characters build:
strong, sturdy.

kekaru is a strange girl, in more way than one. kekaru does not like anything to happen to wildlife, for one-so dont try it. she has killed many a time due to it.kekaru is madly in love with anzai. kekaru does not take no for an answer, and is not often the first to understand whats going on. kekaru does not acuse people, and hates it when people are killed. this is anzai's biggest flaw, and kekaru cant help thinking that.

kekaru was beat as a child, untill one day she grew sick of it and made a gang, the shang. the shang fused handfighting with magic, making a new style of handfighting, called shaganzai. only some can learn this way of life. kekaru and her gang decided it was time to strike back, and take over. although the oldest in the ganf was only 12, they overthrew the whole village. that village is what is now the algatian ruins. kekaru has only just now met her mother for the first time. to her surprise, her mother is soma.kekaru is one of those girls you just dont want to ess with.
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Kekaru Sinishi (Redone)
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