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 Sora's Bio

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OOC Information:

Habbo Name: -Jaylin-
Gender: Female

IC Information:

Name: Sora
Age: 22
Height: N/A
Gender: Female

Appearance: Picture More Below
Physical description: Blue eyes, pale skin, slightly light black hair, pink-blush lips
Characters build: Normal/Average

Personality: Sora is one of those people who just can’t take a hint sometimes. She is kind and friendly to others at most times, but only really when she’s in a good mood. Other times she can be cruel and not so much "friendly." She has committed some crimes over other people of Algate and has regretted that dearly. She is easily annoyed and more short-tempered then others. Though she may have her dislikes and likes for others, she can be one of those people who pop in when you really need it.

History: Sora was taken from her real family when she was young. She grew up under the care of people unknown to her. Years later she heard some rumours about a village followed by the name "Algate." She did some research and found out some important info. When she came to Algate she found her long-lost sister: Soma. This came as a surprise to both of them, for them both didn't know they had a sister that they didn't know about. Sora told her story and Soma told hers. They both clicked at some ponit and now things make a lot more sense. Sora has been in Algate for quite some time and has gotton used to its surroundings. On the other hand, the history and story of her counter-part demon: Sera, is a mystery, no one quite knows her story. She will only speak up when she wants to.

Inventory: Bamboo sword, shoulder bag

Sora As A Vampire: Sora doesn't remember how she was turned a vampire. Seeing as though she was bumped on the head and can’t remember anything of the incident. Soma has told her that she was the one who turned her, for it was her wish when she arrived in Algate. Sora has gotton used to this new life but does sometimes wish and ask herself whether it was the right thing to do. As a vampire, she does lose control sometimes but not so much that someone would get hurt. She doesn't take things as less serious as Soma does, for if someone called her a "freak" or "monster" as most people do, she will not take it so lightly. Though she may not be the best of friend at times, Sora likes been a vampire and she realises it gives her a chance to be something that she couldn't if she didn't come to Algate.

Picture (Sora):

Eyes When On A Blood Rage:

Note: Look At The Eyes, take in the shape of the pupil and the colour. Ignore the rest

Sera As A Demon: Sera is an unknown being. Though she may not be from hell like Sara is, some secrets of hers are sometimes spilt. She does not speak much English, therefore responds with small gestures such as nodding or shaking of the head. She is slowly learning on how to speak English and is doing it well. Though she may be a mystery to not only Sora but others as well, she enjoys life using Sora as a vessel and coming out from time to time. She is quite shy with strangers and will not respond to most questions. As for the people she knows, she does chat to them from time to time.

Picture (Sera):
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Sora's Bio
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