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 Arashi Kouhai Inventory

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PostSubject: Arashi Kouhai Inventory   Arashi Kouhai Inventory EmptySat Aug 22, 2009 4:44 pm

The following are items held by Arashi.

Silver quiver: used to hold the various arrows that were crafted by Arashi. Each arrow type has its own purpose. The arrow types are as followed:

Flame arrows: An arrow crafted with unstable chemicals within a fragile glass made arrow head. causes an eruption of flames when broken.

Grappling Arrow: an Arrow crafted with a Unique arrowhead that springs small hooks from the arrow head upon impact, causing the arrow it lodge in. the wood of the arrow is re-enforced with steel to allow it to easily hold the weight of an average adult.

Razor Shot: an Arrow with a razor sharp arrowhead. once shot this arrow has enough power behind it to slice through thick metal with ease. used mostly for assassination targets.

Sticky arrow: another arrow with a glass arrow head, this time it is filled with a substance that when it is released in the open hardens around the target trapping them.

Belt of throwing knives: a simple leather belt holding throwing knives upon it, the throwing knives are plain simple throwing knives.

Red shades: these look like plain red tinted sunglasses but in actual fact they are protecting Arashis eyes, the red tint lowers the light flow traveling through the lens thous stopping any damage to the inhuman sensitivity of his eyes.

Short blade: a small melee styled blade strapped to the leg of the user. used for close combat situations

Winged Bow: a Silver bow crafted by the demons as a gift to Arashi. it has small black metal wing designs on it and is capable of releasing arrows at a tremendous force
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Arashi Kouhai Inventory
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