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 Jack Krueser The Mercenarie

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Jack Krueser

Name: Jack Krueser [Yes i copied him off resident evil]
Age: 28
Figure: Heavily Built
Hair, Hair Colour: Black flicked up hair [Not the same hair type of RE 4]
Eyes: Pure Light Blue
Skin: Tanned
Look: He wears Commando like pants and boots, with no top, his body is covered in blood like the markings on his face. At time his arm begins to glow red means he can go itno his transformation stage, which his arm turns into a sharp wing like blade, The wing to protect him form oncomign explosions and thing, if a sword hit the wing it would break the sharp part of it can slash through enemies easily cuttign them to shreads.

Alliance: Is has to have died in a Explosion

Kind: Human/ Mutant But looks like an ordinary human

Carrying/ Eq:
-Cursed Bow
-Sensor/Detonation Arrows
-Duel Knives

Background Information: Jack Krueser is a Mercenarie, He dresses like a Commando like person. Jack Krueser was surpose to be only a demon and undead hunter but he has changed his background to Human Undead and Demon Slayer.
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Jack Krueser The Mercenarie
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