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 Hayashi Kakougan

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OOC Information

Habbo Name:FinalFantasy-Ryuu
Real Name (Optional):Shawn

IC Information

Name:Hayashi Kakougan
Height:227 cm
Clan (If in one): N/A

Appearance May use picture:Hayashi Kakougan Draco_by_Bloody_Emo_Warrior
Physical description: Jet Black Hair,Grey Duster Coat,Katana Sheathed On His Back,Dark Blue Eyes,Large Black & Gold Belt
..Black Symboled Shirt.. Black Baggy Pants Attached Chains And Trinkets
,A Oddly Shaped Golden Necklace

Characters build:Six Pack, Slim Arms,Average Leg Build.

Personality:Cautious,Easily Angered,Depressed,Curious At Times,Pervert,Never Thinks Things Through,Smart At Times
Occasionally Idiotic

History:Hayashi up in a quiet small village on the edge of algate training in hand to hand combat until he was 13 in of which he hit he gained the want to explore.. Along his three year travel he came across many villages but one of them he just couldnt seem to leave.. Algate Village.. He spents his time looking for something to do and invading in peoples fight when needed.

Inventory :
Katana [Sheathed to back]
Throwing Knives
x20 Arrows
Crystalized Bow
Small Steel Tab
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Hayashi Kakougan
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