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 Golem Information.

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Name: Golem

Information: Golem is an animated being created entirely from inanimate matter. The name appears to derive from the word gelem (גלם), which means "raw material".
The creatures are said to be controlled by an eye that is placed in the forehead. The controller uses a globe, mirror, or bowl of water to control it. A scroll with runes on it is placed in the creature to bring it to life. After a Golem is destroyed, the scroll being removed, it will return to its master. As the Golem proceeds to its master, with little power left to sustain it, it starts to fall apart. If the distance is short between the master and Golem at the time of the scrolls removal this can sometimes be a problem for the master if they were using the Golem for felony against their people.


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Golem Information.
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