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 Zoey's Bio

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PostSubject: Zoey's Bio   Zoey's Bio EmptyWed Sep 09, 2009 10:14 pm

OOC Information:

Habbo Name: ....downgirl....
Gender: Female

IC Information:

Name: Zoey Myers
Age: 8
Height: N/A
Gender: Female
Clan: N/A

Appearance: More Further Below
Physical description: Brown eyes, brown hair, light brown skin, slightly sharp nails
Build: Average

Personality: Zoey is a young, cheerful and happy girl that doesn't really see the bad side in anything. Though she is 8 she acts some-what a bit younger then her age and sometimes she acts a bit too old for her age. She gets bored pretty easily and always has to have someone to play with. She is new to Algate and doesn't know all of its inhabitants as of yet but is slowly been introduced to new people. She takes others of her kind as 'family' and is glad to have others that are Lycan live in the village, for it reassures her that she is not that all alone. She is very friendly towards others but can be a bit too happy at times.

History: Zoey grew up without any parents. Her parents died when she was about 3 or 4 by an unknown cause. She has grown up not knowing the full extent of having a parent or brother or sister. She doesn't mind the fact that they are now dead but it does sadden her at times. She doesn't remember much about her past and this frustrates her a bit. Though she does research a little bit to find out more about what had happened to her parents.

Inventory: Small brown leather bag

Zoey As A Lycan: Zoey didn't know she was a Lycan until she was told after her first turn and her first taste of blood. She is still a bit shocked about the change in her life suddenly but has gotton quite used to it. She tries to avoid the unwilling change of turning into a werewolf but sometimes enjoys the experience. She has gotton used to other people calling her a 'freak' or 'monster' also, but doesn't really like it when others threaten her with violence. As a Lycan she doesn't prefer to feed on animals or other beings, but prefers to eat normal food. She has only had one feed off a human and one turn of a human, which she found very uncomfortable. She tries not to lose control of herself when she is in wolf form but is getting better at her control. Zoey can only partly transform into a werewolf but is training more and is improving with it. She doesn't know the full extent of being a werewolf but is slowly finding out more information as she progresses. She likes her werewolf form so far and thinks of it as a 'fluffy teddy'. She does train in her werewolf form but doesn't stay as it for to long. The full moon has the quite same effect on her, making her stronger and more effective in her attacks but she prefers to rest and let the moonlight shine as she rests somewhere in the open.


In Werewolf Form:
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Zoey's Bio
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