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 Artemis De'Vout

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PostSubject: Artemis De'Vout   Artemis De'Vout EmptyMon Sep 14, 2009 2:19 am

Habbo Name: Livvi911
Real name: Livvi
Gender: Female

IC info
Name: Artemis Gabriella Reii De'vout
Age: 19
Height: Very Tall
Gender: Female


Artemis has long, black hair and a tall, slender build. She has dark blue eyes which shift colours occasionally.

Character: Artemis has a hearty nature and loves meeting others. though she hates fighting when she must, she will.
She is funny and charismatic and most get along with her. She usually befriends everyone she meets.

Personality; Artemis hates animal cruelty and death. Especially with any type of cats. She has an affinity for cats in particular.
Artemis is particularly curious about family origins etc.

Artemis Gabriella De'Vout was born a freak. At the tender age of 2, her parents discovered she could manipulate air.
She originated form a very strict family, and when her father found out her mother bred with an Unknown creature, both her and Her mother were thrown out in disgrace. her mother blamed her out of spitefulness and abandoned her in a strange forest for the tigers to eat. Sure enough, a group of tigers came to help their young hunt, and saw Artemis. Immediately, the baby charmed them and they spoke to her.
Artemis's first language is actually cat because her parents hadn't been ready to teach her to talk yet. the only human words she knew was her name. the cats took her to Algate, where she was raised by an old couple, however when she was only 9 they died, one of old age, the other of a broken heart becasue his wife was dead.

Artemis went out and developed her gift in order to live. now, she is 17 and living happily.
Artemis never thinks about her family, she is content with knowing her origins. Her family came form Greece.

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PostSubject: Re: Artemis De'Vout   Artemis De'Vout EmptyMon Sep 14, 2009 7:58 am

OoOoh, Nice! Smile Approved!!
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Artemis De'Vout
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