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 Sanshi Ranin

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[center]OOC Information

Habbo Name: AsDarknessFalls
Real Name: Ryan / Ry
Gender: Male

IC Information

Name: Sanshi Ranin
Age: 14
Height: 5,8
Gender: Male
Clan: Ranin

Sanshi Ranin Pbucket

Physical description: Sanshi is a very calm boy, but he can get carried away in the tide of battle. He has no scars or anything that makes him 'unique'. He is almost always councealed in his cloak. He also has a Head Cleaver Sword strapped to his back.

Characters build: Sanshi has an average build but his arm muscles are bigger then the others from carrying his large sword.

Personality: The boy is quiet and calm. He only talks to people he trusts but even then he doesn't say much.

Sanshi was born into the "Ranin" clan. That means he was born with advanced Kenjutsu in his blood.
At the age of 7 (seven) after he was accepted into the clan truly by showing his father his swordsman skills, he went across the world in an attampt to learn magic.
He came across a small village called "Algate". It was there, he forund a teacher to teach him the basics in magic and gifted him with a staff and spellbook.
(More will be added after I progress ICly)
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Sanshi Ranin
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