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 Ranin Clan

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PostSubject: Ranin Clan   Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:32 am

Clan Name: Ranin Clan

Abilty(s) Advanced Kenjutsu, Greatly Increased Speed.

Member Traits: Members of this clan are skilled with the sword. They also have greatly increased speed due to bloodline inheritance and vigorous training. They also posess the skill to close their eyes and move, attack while hearing the area around them.

Weaponry: Upon coming of age of the clan, the clan member will be given a special weapon. The weapon is either a Sword of Chakram. This weapon is made from special steel that makes it near un-breakable. Also wards can be cast around the weapon to stop it from rusting.
The weapons handle is equipped with poison in a small hatch in the hilt or within the chakram.

Familiers: The Bear Families

Family Crest:

AsDarknessFalls [Ryan] Sanshi
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Ranin Clan
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