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 Kronos Denvar-Mabri SinGetsu's Biography

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PostSubject: Kronos Denvar-Mabri SinGetsu's Biography   Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:06 am

Habbo Name: Kronos-Denvar

Name: Kronos Denvar-Mabri SinGetsu

Age: 26

Hieght: 6"6

Weapons: 1x Sheathed Katana, 5x Smoke Pellets, 3x Small Daggers (hidden in slots on the back of his robes).


Kronos Denvar-Mabri was raised in his Lycan form. His father, a savage, brutal man, forced Kronos to stay in his Lycan form for as long as he could. After several years of brutal bashings from his father, and gang up fights from his older brothers, Kronos developed a strange defect. Whenever Kronos was in his Lycan form for too long, he loses all sense, killing everything in sight.

Kronos, as his wolf form, can run faster than any normal wolf or human, as well as most other creatures. As his wolf form, he has little to no defences against fierce attacks. Kronos is not left vulnerable as a wolf though, he has his speed and extreme hearing skills (as any form) to be able to detect anything of threat.

Kronos, as his human form, has extreme ninja attributes. He has exceptional skill with his katana but can utilise almost anything within his surroundings for a weapon. He has the ability to disappear using either his ninja skills, or smoke pellets. He has strong relations to the Tempura Organisation, and is wanted throughout the villages of Algate and Rowan.

Kronos Slaughtered his entire family, including his six older brothers on one of his rampages....

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PostSubject: Re: Kronos Denvar-Mabri SinGetsu's Biography   Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:10 am

Awsome Bio, Tidy it up a lil though other than that, APPROVED.
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Kronos Denvar-Mabri SinGetsu's Biography
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