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 Soma's Custom Blades

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PostSubject: Soma's Custom Blades   Soma's Custom Blades EmptySat Jul 11, 2009 8:26 pm

Name: The Scared Daggers of Yuuki

Weight: Unknown

Length: Unknown

Wielder: Originally belonged to the Elder: Yuuki. Currently the blades have no owner, seeing as though they were lost when Yuuki died.

Custom weapon to owner only?: The blades can only be wielded a certain way, it cant be easily stolen. But yes, only to the owner. The wielder can give the blades to others, but only if the wielder, and the blades accept it.

Description: The name Yuuki is a Japanese name meaning: gentleness, superiority distant, leisurely, and combined with hope, radiance and life. There are 2 sets of these different blades, 16 in total and 8 in each. Each of these blades controls a different element. They have their own design, name, power, and different place of rest.

History: Yuuki had these blades and was the one who created them, out of her own energy and will. After she had completed them, she started growing old, her powers grew weaker, her skin became creased, and her appearance was totally changed. She figured that she had used too much of her power and strength to bring these blades into reality. Therefore, a curse, if you will, was placed on Yuuki. More years passed as Yuuki's body grew weaker and weaker, to the ponit where she was bed ridden. She also realised that she had added in an extra while doing the ritual to bring these blades into being. She realised that she had put in some of her own mind and soul into it, which could've explained on how she was dying. She also knew that they had minds of their own; they could speak telepathically to their wielder, levitate and go anywhere with their energy, upset the balance with one swing of its blade, and cause damage whenever it wanted. Yuuki was the only one that could control them, seeing as though she was the creator. The blades stayed with her till her very last breath, they considered Yuuki as a god or goddess for which they were grateful for brining them to life. When she died, the blades scattered. All across the land, not many people knew Yuuki for she was not the type of person you would want to be friends with. In fact, she was a splendid witch, capable of doing magic’s no one else could produce. No one knew about the blades and the blades didn't know about them, and Yuuki would've wanted to keep it that way. The blades hidden themselves in secret places, each of them rested in where it suited their element. They haven't been found yet, but Yuuki predicted that someone or something would retrieve them and use their powers for whatever means they wanted. Yuuki also predicted that they would have to prefect and control the blades to their full extent.

Picture of weapon:
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PostSubject: Re: Soma's Custom Blades   Soma's Custom Blades EmptyTue Jul 14, 2009 8:11 am

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Soma's Custom Blades
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