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 Water Elemental.

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PostSubject: Water Elemental.   Water Elemental. EmptySun Jul 12, 2009 10:06 pm

Name: Water Elemental.


The water elemental was born in the deep oceans near the lake of tears in algate, to balance the world with its cool water, Nourishing the world with its Element, While resting in its bed made of water, a evil wizard cast a spell on the land causing all the elementals to wake, the water elemental rose from the depths of the ocean to the land, its moist flesh and grace skimming past everything it touched, it found the fire elemental walking in algate, its element not harming anyone, the unknown wizard gave the water elemental the same taming spell as the fire elemental, so the water elemental stayed inside algate also. That is the story of the water elemental.


Water Elemental. Water_elemental1

Male Picture:

Water Elemental. Hydra_2_by_el_grimlock1

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I'm a guy and elemental for this make a picture for the guy water elementals too please
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Water Elemental.
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