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 Silver's Biography

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Shikon Wolf

Shikon Wolf

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PostSubject: Silver's Biography   Silver's Biography EmptyMon Jul 13, 2009 11:45 pm

OOC Information

Habbo Name: EclipseWolf
Real Name (Optional): Trevor
Gender: Male

IC Information

Name: Silver ( Real Name Unknown)
Age: Appears 19
Height: 6'6
Gender: Male
Clan (If in one): Member of the Animan Clan. Head Of The Shikon Matsuro Cult

Appearance: Normally seen in a black fur jacket. (no pic i could find to suit it)
Physical description: (Eye colour, hair colour, etc.) Human Form: Green eyes purple hair. Hybrid Form: yellow wolf eyes and black fur on wolf ears and tail.
Characters build: Muscular build while still allowing Inhuman agility

Personality: Normally a cold and cruel person he only shows kindness to a selected few.

History: Silver was raised in a forest by a pack of wolves after being abandoned at birth. growing up with the wolves, Silver had learnt to harness his natural animal speed and strength to his own advantage. At the age of 10 he bid his animal family farewell and went about traveling the land. At this time he had not learnt to control the hybrid features and was not able to resort to human form. For a long time people shunned and attacked Silver for what he was and this resulted into his now cruel and demented nature.

At the age of 16 Silver was kidnapped on his troubles and found himself in an underground cave filled with black robed people. They introduced themselves as members of a Religious sect known as the Shikon Matsuro. They informed Silver that they have been watching him from some time and believe him to be a child of there God who they refer to as Fang. Due to this title of Fang's Son Silver rose fast in the sects ranks and eventually toke his place as head priest of the dark sect. Silver is now Stationed at Algate Village fulfilling the will of his new father and dark God.

Inventory (If you want to add): 3 Tailed Silver Hook Whip, Twin Senbon wristbands and Leather choker branded with the Shikon Symbol
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Silver's Biography Empty
PostSubject: Re: Silver's Biography   Silver's Biography EmptyThu Jul 16, 2009 3:02 am

Hey dude, while i was looking for characters to update my bio i stumbled upon this pic, if you like it you can use it ^_^.

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Silver's Biography
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