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 Bladed Staff

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PostSubject: Bladed Staff   Bladed Staff EmptyTue Jul 14, 2009 1:29 am

Name : Nekura Gekkani (Jap for Dark Natured in the Moonlight)

Weight: 4kgs, Made out of a light metal and a marble blade apon the length of the top 1/5th

Length: 5"4, Made For Serenitys Hight

Wielder: Serenity Rayne (Made for her)

Custom Weapon to owner only?: Yes, Anyone else who weilds the blade at moonlight becomes corrupted by the darkness within it.

(Weapon background: Was forged by her people and marked with the mark apon her neck, so she could weild the power of the moonlight spiritually it didnt make her stronger in anyway.. it just looks cool Very Happy)
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