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 Anzai Kyousuke SinGetsu.

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PostSubject: Anzai Kyousuke SinGetsu.   Anzai Kyousuke SinGetsu. EmptyWed Jul 08, 2009 4:55 am

OOC Information

Habbo Name: narutofan239

Real Name (Optional): Mitcheal / Mitch

Gender: Male.

IC Information:

Name: Anzai kyousuke SinGetsu
Age: 18.

Height: 6 Foot.

Gender: Male / Demon

Clan (If in one): SinGetsu Clan Leader.

Appearance May use picture:

Anzai Kyousuke SinGetsu. 18

Physical description:

[+] Soft Blue eyes.
[+] Scar running down back of the number 3.
[+] Mild long hair.
[+] Clan Leader Robes.
[+] Espada Number 1 ontop of were the heart is located.

Characters build:
[+] Normal, strong build.

Quite calm in situations, easy temper loss, caring most of the time.

- Anzai Kept to himself during algatian situations, constantly ignoring bishes his parents had died during the thried crusade 200 years ago before algate was built, due to aznais demonic effect he was able to live, he looks 19-23 years old he was mugged by a gang of people and taken away into hiding, taking the burden of survival he released his inner demon killing them all, he escaped wandering the world as a espada' recruiting members where he can, a few years after the killing spree he learned to control his Inner demon. Anzai is also madly in love with Kekeru Sinshi.

Inner Demon When Released and info:
- Anzai's normal body is gone, he is surround by dense aura which causes things around him in a large radius to float in mid air, his weapons are gone, and his clothes are changed, he grows massive horns, and low wings made of bones, his weapons have now transformed into 4 daggers holding the same power, this effect causes anzai to loose conciusness at times depending on how powerful he releases his demon, a automatic aura forcefield appears around him via the tattooes on his body.

Anzai Kyousuke SinGetsu. L_6928addd5817bf4168f227495c10d4101

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Anzai Kyousuke SinGetsu.
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