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 shadows poorly writen story.

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shadows poorly writen story. Empty
PostSubject: shadows poorly writen story.   shadows poorly writen story. EmptyTue Jul 14, 2009 6:28 am

One day a man named mitch was storlling around algate looking for something to do when all of a sudden he came across a mysterious looking rock, he woundered what this rock was for and tried many things for it to be useful, he bashed his head agianst the rock hoping it will give him mystical properties, he tried useing it as a motivational tool and still no sucsses...

When he gave up on its uses he decided to roll it back to the other villages in hope they will know what this mysterious rock holds, chris a AMARF man was walking by when he saw his good friend mitch walking down
the hill guiding the rock as he walked, he offered to help mitch but mitch was to focused on the rock.
Chris followed mitch untill the brought them to the town square...but back then it was called floor with lots of chairs around it.

Apon entering the two square many people gathered around it asking WTF IS THIS PIECE OF SHIT DOING HERE!? when mitch asked the same question just before, a woman named lex came up and saw the rock and gazed apon its beauty, she rubbed her cheeck on it as it felt rock like, she chewed on it and broke a few teeth when she was biting, she kicked the rock a broke a few toes.

After relizing it was more then a rock she was amazed even more, they were scared of this rock for the thought it will wake up and destroy them all, but then a girl named aussie walking down to the rock to inspect it, but did nothing as she saw what is really was...

Years later after the people had thought it to be a god a boy named skyther walked down to the rock and declared it to be just a rock, the people of algate were amazed at the brillence of this boy and decaled him the new king of algate, 2 days later the new king destroyed all of algate after descovering the big red button under the throne chair.

By: Shadow
Spell checked by no one.
i do not care that the spelling is crap i was really paying much attention when i was writing the story.


BEWARE!!!!!! cherry
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shadows poorly writen story.
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