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 The Lykos Family

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The Lykos Family Empty
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The Lykos Family is a known family around the forests. They are a famous being family. Their mum and dad died from a hunter named Vagias. The only survivors are Aria, Giunsu, Rahm and Milly. If you dare to stare in their eyes you get frozen for 30 seconds. They are warriors except Aria but are good aura users. They are great users of telekinises.

Leader/Warrior/Powers: Rahm
Co-Leader/Ninja/Archer: Giunsu
Reasoner/Herbalist: Aria
Co-Herbalist/Mage: Milly
Rahm: Oldest/20
Giunsu: Middle/17
Aria: Middle/17
Milly: Youngest/11
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The Lykos Family
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