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 Religion Template,

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PostSubject: Religion Template,   Sat Jul 18, 2009 1:50 am

Religion Name:

Religion Founder(s):

Religion Description(s):

Religion Crest(s):

Religion History(s):


Religion Name(s): Arcane Religion.

Religion Founder(s):

Arcane Billy.
Arcane Alex.

Religion Description(s):

This religion was founded by alex and billy arcane in their village or town using dark arts to plauge their enemys.

Religion Crest(s):

Religion History(s): Long ago in a village far away the resistance was shorted to 3 people all powerful mages they decided to merge their power to create a new one. In doing this they created the arcane, but one of the mages was a evil spy and killed off the other members, causing all arcanes to be evil.
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Religion Template,
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