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 Vena Falaos Bio ~

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Vena Falaos Bio ~ Empty
PostSubject: Vena Falaos Bio ~   Vena Falaos Bio ~ EmptySun Jul 19, 2009 1:11 am

OOC Information:

Habbo name: -Vengeance.
Real name: Sharmanee. (Shar or Sharm is fine)
Gender: Female.

IC Information:

Name: Vena Falaos
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Appearance- May use picture:

Vena Falaos Bio ~ 1120166751_rlsElfGirl

Physical Description: Eyes change colour due to emotion, light, wavy blue long hair, fair, pale skin,
slightly chubby cheeks, pointy elf ears (not as large as the ones in photo). She wears a fairly long flowing white dress (as shown on the above picture) and a pendant around her neck.
Characters Build: Nice figure, slightly skinny, "hour-glass shaped" body.

Personality: Calm, independent, sarcastic, not easily frightened, proud ego,
likes to help ones who helped her, becomes very angry if anyone hurts nature (she feels the pain
that the plants feel if they are "hurt") as her main power is Plant Manipulation.

History: Vena is originally from England. Her mother died while Vena was still very young, and she only has very faint memories of her. Her father was a kind, honourable man who would do anything to keep her out of danger. So when it came to a very dark time in her small hometown, her father could not risk his only daughter's life. Mythical creature hunters were lurking the small town. Her father was the only one who knew that Vena was an Elf. Even Vena herself did not know. The hunters burst into their house and Vena's father had to escape with her. He could not escape with her, or they would hunt him down. So he sent Vena to Algate, and that is when she found out who and what she really is.

Inventory: Small, inscripted dagger, bow and arrow, magic herbs etc + vials in her long white robe/dress.

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Vena Falaos Bio ~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vena Falaos Bio ~   Vena Falaos Bio ~ EmptySun Jul 19, 2009 1:15 am

Nice Bio Sharm get the pic on
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Vena Falaos Bio ~
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