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 Earth Elemental.

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PostSubject: Earth Elemental.   Earth Elemental. EmptyTue Jul 14, 2009 12:57 am

Name: Earth elemental.


The fearsome earth elemental was born within the depths of the earth near the fire elemental, to balance to earth with its rich soil and grass, While resting on its bed of earth, a evil wizard cast a spell on the land causing the elementals all to wake, the earth elemental considered this and woke, rising up onto the baron land and its creation, creating deep fissure's were it walked. It found its neighbouring elemental in algate with the water elemental, to stop the earth elemental from destorying the land with its own power, the same unknown wizard told the earth elemental what happend to the other two, he agreed to this by staying in algate, nourishing the land from there. Thats the story of the earth elemental.


Earth Elemental. Golem-3
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Earth Elemental.
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