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 Air Elemental.

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PostSubject: Air Elemental.   Air Elemental. EmptyTue Jul 14, 2009 12:59 am

Name: Air Elemental.

Story: Like the other elements the air elemental was born high in the sky resting on beds of clouds, Helping the other elements on the earth, but while it was resting a evil waizard cast a spell on the land, causing all the elementals to wake, unfortunatly the air elemental was woken last of all the others, feeling angry for this and due to the spell, she woke form her rest and invaded the baron land in a swirl of clouds destroying everything it passed, making the cloud black so nothing was seen a unknown wizard who did the same to the other elements asked the air element the same thing, the elemental agreed to the wizard's terms once again helping the other elements nourishing algate and the world. Thats the story of the Air elemental.


Air Elemental. Air_elemental
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Air Elemental.
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